Blue Cycle Project Heerenveen

Blue Cycle Project Heerenveen, The Netherlands

Building Impact with Stellio Projects.

This year’s highlight is the Blue Cycle Project in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. This facility is planned to be operational in January 2023 and will reproduce oil from plastic waste. One technology we all have been waiting for.

Blue Cycle is developing a processing plant to recycle plastic waste in a more sustainable way. It has developed an advanced pyrolysis technique that can also break down plastics that were previously not recyclable. In this way, the amount of plastics that can be broken down into their raw form is increased, which can then be used as diesel oil or as a resource for new plastics. Bollegraaf has provided the sorting installation for Blue Cycle’s plant, which involves a better separation of inert materials and ensures a higher quality of the generated oil.



Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions


Heerenveen, The Netherlands


Blue Cycle


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