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Magistral Russia

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Magistral Russia

In 2017 Stellio has been contracted to supervise the building and commissioning of the largest waste treatment plant of Russia. The installation is capable of sorting 60 tons per hour of MSW material and is equipped with the latest technologies. The waste sorting complex is designed for 24/7 operations. The installation is equipped with several Bollegraaf technologies including the elliptical separator, which is a ballistic sorting machine, to separate 3d fractions from the 2d fractions and the fines fraction. This machine is unique because of the adjustable screen surface and the way it agitates the material. The result: efficient separation with a long service life plus low costs of ownership. The installation also includes the patented Bollegraaf ‘anti-wrapping’ starscreen. This screen deck does not wrap, but does have the high output and aggressive agitation, preventing the smaller parts from sticking to the larger parts. This results in a better performance of the following sorting process.

The large cardboard will be separated from the material flow by the high efficient Bollegraaf OCC (old corrugated cardboard) screen. Paper, small cardboard, and small material will be screened off. This particular screen is placed at the beginning of the sorting installation to separate large cardboard, making manual separation of large cardboard redundant. Besides the factory is using optical sorting methods to seperate various plastics and fibers. The main goal of the factory is to recover as much plastics from Nizhny Novgorod and surrounding areas as possible. The plant runs 24/7 with an estimated overall capacity of 480.000 tons of waste per year. Over 150 new employers are contracted.

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