Major breakthrough achieved in recycling plastic packaging

Major breakthrough achieved in recycling plastic packaging

Used polypropylene (PP), obtained from separate residual waste, recycled into a high-quality raw plastic material. This has been achieved thanks to a collaboration between PhilipsMorssinkhofNHL / Stenden University, and Omrin. This unique breakthrough produces such high quality and high purity raw-material granulate, that it can be reused on a large scale and to produce high-quality ‘new’ plastic for consumer products in ANY color. More than 3 years of research has been carried out into obtaining the highest possible quality PP.

The exceptional granulate is the proceeds of the collaborative project ‘Closing the Loops’The next step is the construction of a factory for the processing of PP waste for use in consumer packaging, which cooperation partner Morssinkhof in Heerenveen has now started.The newbuild factory will process plastic packaging waste from households into granules where PP will be produced to match the aesthetic and qualitative properties of new high-quality PP raw materials. In the nearby future, Philips customers are able to buy product with not only recycled black plastic parts but also recycled in any other colored parts.

High demands

Philips is involved as a producer in the project to ensure that the plastic meets the highest quality, aesthetic and safety requirements. These requirements are of great importance for use in household appliances for example. The recycled plastic by Morssinkhof has undergone extensive testing procedures under the conditions by partners NHL / Stenden and Philips.

Eelco Smit, Senior Director Sustainability at Philips,

“Recycled plastic plays an important role within the ambitions of Phillips to use as much circular materials in the production processes as possible. The breakthrough of this consortium will make it possible to manufacture recycled polypropylene that meets our highest quality requirements, in any color “.


Client: Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions
Operator: Morssinkhof Rymoplast

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