Morssinkhof Plastics Heerenveen in operations

Morssonkhof Plastics Heerenveen

Morssinkhof Plastics Heerenveen in operations

The brand new factory has been built to process plastic waste from both Dutch and foreign households containing polypropylene and high-density polyethylene.

Stellio Projects has been responsible on behalf of Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, for on-site management and the process commissioning of the entire automated sorting installation. The new recycling plant is a special example of cooperation in the production chain and a shared effort for the circular economy. The construction of the new recycling plant is partly possible due to the investments made by the Ikea Group. “Treating waste as a new raw material is a decisive change in the current era. But it is only possible if the infrastructure exists,” says Krister Mattson of the Ikea Group.

Operator: Morssinkhof Plastics
Client: Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

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