NTCP – Ready for operations

NTCP – Ready for operations

NTCP – Ready for operations

NTCP is an independent, not-for-profit organization. NTCP test, and perform experiments and research on the sorting and washing process to help closing the plastic loop and work towards 100% circular re-use of plastics from household waste.

In the month of March 2020, Stellio Projects successfully completed the construction period on behalf of Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions. The fully automated sorting system, supplied by Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, consists of the latest developed technologies. With the research capabilities in the NTCP test facility, quantitative data of the first phase of the recycle process can be obtained. NTCP gains knowledge through development, innovation and cooperation with the entire value chain. NTCP stores all data in our knowledge database, which is openly accessible. By sharing the know-how, NTCP increases the chance of reaching our common ambitions for sustainability and circularity of plastics.

For more info about the sorting capabilities; visit https://ntcp.nl/en

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